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5 Etiquette Rules for a Bridal Appointment

Rule 1

For a bridal appointment, we recommend to have a small support team, no more than 4 people. Most of the boutiques are not big enough to fit big groups. Also, it’s easier for a bride to make a decision with smaller group rather than with a big group.

Rule 2

Have your hair nicely done prior to your appointment. It helps you envision the gown as you would see it on the day. If you plan on having an up-do, come with your hair up. We cannot stress how important looking good at your appointment is in your decision making process.

Rule 3

Since you’ll be wearing lots of white dresses, we recommend not to apply lipstick or blush prior the appointment to preserve the cleanliness of the gowns.

Rule 4

To preserve the cleanliness of the gown hems, most of the bridal boutiques are a no-shoe salon. The stores usually provide slippers for use inside, but the customers can bring their own indoor slippers or socks. Some stores provide even heels for trying on with gowns.

Rule 5

Bring a strapless bra and a pair of Spanx (or similar) for ease in trying on gowns. Gowns slide up and down better with a pair of Spanx and provides a smoother finish. The undergarments also help keep our gowns hygienic for your comfort.

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