Store Services

Custom Dress Design

Poshfair Bridal offers custom dress design based on customer input: pictures, drawings, descriptions. Expect to get the dress of your dream that fits you perfectly.

For limited time, there is no or a small extra cost for making custom dress. The timeframe for making a custom dress is 3-5 months. For more details on custom design, email us.

Bridal Gown Rental

We offer rental bridal gown to our brides.


Only certain gowns can be used for rent. These gowns cannot be altered to fit the bride. It means we can rent a dress that a good fit for a bride.

Rental cost varies depends on the dress design, style, and cost. In addition we charge a deposit, which is refunded to a customer once the dress is returned back to the store in acceptable condition.

Dress Alterations

We offer dress alterations but only on dresses purchased at our store. Alteration timeframe and price varies depends on the dress design and complexity of alterations.

Dress Steaming

We offer dress steaming for all dresses to all customers. The cost of steaming varies depends on the dress design and urgency.